Surgery Day Scheduled

thump thump

my heart

Whelp. It’s official. My Open Heart Surgery has been scheduled for MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25TH 2013. I chose the week of Thanksgiving break so that I can take off from work during the time in between Thanksgiving and winter break, then come back to work, ready to go after the New Year. This would minimize the number of days that I will be out.

When I was on the phone with my coordinator from the surgeon’s office, I asked about available days on the week of Thanksgiving. She replied with, “Yes, Monday the 25th, would you like me to schedule?….       sir?       hello?…” I couldn’t answer. I was thinking, is there maybe a better day? Would I rather it be after winter break? Is it better on a tuesday? My fear had my tongue. I realized that this surgery was going to happen and it didn’t matter when. Just get it over with.

“Yes, November 25th is fine, thanks.” I replied.

There. Done. Open heart surgery scheduled. Another stepping stone. Next step: My coordinator will ask my surgeon & cardiologist if they think I need an Angiogram. What’s that you say? An Angiogram is when they stick a tube into your heart from your groin to determine the size of bulges and blockages in arteries. So in case you were wondering the way to a man’s heart, in this case, it’s the groin. Cheers.


5 thoughts on “Surgery Day Scheduled

  1. colgore

    Wow. I can’t even imagine. You’re a strong dude. I think what you’re doing with the blog is awesome. Very honest and I’d imagine comforting to others going through something similar. I’ll be sending you some positive vibes.

  2. Drew t. Barry

    nice to read this blog.. good luck Anthony…im having open heart surgery in two days. aug repair mitral valve and a single bypass..shoot me ur email and I will let you know how it a bit nervous but ok with it now…lets just get it done and move on…by the way im 54 and worked out my whole life. this should help im told in my recovery…

  3. Paulmodi

    Great , you are looking very daring man. It represents that your experience of surgery was very nice. So thanks to share your experience with us through this post. Thanks for nice post.


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