Movember 1st

 MovemberPoster-heroI am raising money for Men’s health through a month long mustache growing event called Movember! The picture above is from when I did Movember in 2011. The goal of Movember: To grow a mustache during the month of November and to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and the importance of overall health screenings.

This is important to me because Bicuspid Aortic Valve is fairly common in the population (1-2%) and it affects mostly men. Many people who get diagnosed with BAV and Aortic Aneurysms learn about it when they are being screened something unrelated to their heart. Often, a lucky chest X-ray or CT scan is what discovers this eventual life threatening condition. I’m lucky that I’ve known about my condition my whole life. Some people learn about it when its almost too late, and they have little time to prepare for the life altering surgery. The point? Take home the message of Movember. Get yourself checked out when your supposed to.

The other point? PLEASE donate to my Movember page. I know it is early in the month and my mustache has not yet arrived, but I would greatly appreciate your support (I already do appreciate your support).

You can visit my Movember Page and donate here:

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