I can’t…

it's so beautiful

it’s so beautiful

I shared this on Facebook, and felt the need to share on my blog as well. This also brings me to a record breaking two posts in one day!

I teach 8th grade science. My students are super sweet and always ask me questions about my surgery. They want to know when it is, if I’m scared, how long the recovery will be, will I die, and if Mr. Ruiz is going to be their substitute. They’re all super sweet.

Today Something special happened. During my period three honors class, a young lady (who I will call Alice) came up to me while I was at my desk. She made chit chat about my pet scorpion. Then she said, “Mr. DiLemme…” and paused. She looked me dead in the eye, and then gave me a gentle little reassuring pat on the shoulder. It was basically a hug.

It is difficult to express how touched I was by this gesture by Alice. Sometimes adults think of children of being naturally selfish and not necessarily the most compassionate of people. Not the case. Alice’s gesture showed the upmost compassion and in a most mature way possible. Everyone goes on and on about how teachers touch the lives of children… If all that is true, I feel like today I felt all of my efforts, channeled back to me in one gesture.

I have received allot of support from my friends and family. Allot of people have reached out to me that I haven’t spoken to in a long time. Some people who I never have really been friends with ever (beyond Facebook), have reached out in a way that I would certainly now consider them good friends.

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