Yesterday I went to my pre-operation appointment.  It was an all day adventure, running around to different buildings at the hospital. I got my chest and legs shaved, vitals taken, EKG, chest X-Ray, extensive blood work, urine sample, and meeting with the anesthesiologist. It took extra effort to keep my head up high. I had to keep reminding myself not to fear. I came home to my parents, who flew in during the day. It was great to see them They got to meet my G.F. at dinner. Today we have Thanksgiving. Monday I get heart surgery.

The song above is Hypericum by Gem Club. I am very excited about the album, which comes out in January. My interpretation from the song is that of an event (perhaps marriage from the writer’s perspective) that is equally terrifying as it is hopeful and wonderful. That’s how I feel today.

2 thoughts on “Symmetry

  1. Carlos

    Hi Anthony! I found your blog a week ago and it has helped me with my AVR journey that has begun. I meet my surgeon at St. Bernardines tomorrow for my consult and man I’m getting anxious. I look forward to your recovery posts and see how soon you get back to cycling. Good luck and fast recovery!



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