Day 2

I finally feel the capacity to think and post here! Monday was day 0, aka heart surgery day. I can’t believe I actually did it. When I woke up in my own recovery room, my nurse was there, and a few others. Soon my parents were let in. I was so happy to see them even though the drugs probably made me seem emotionless. My surgeon, Dr. Yun came in and explained what happened. The surgery was shorter than on expected. He replaced my aortic valve with an On-X mechanical valve as planned. The portion of aneurysmal ascending aorta was shorter than expected, so it was cut out, and sewn back together, without any involvement of a synthetic tube. I asked him if that means that future aneurysms can form and if that means any physical restrictions, and he said no. I was pretty stoked. Sleeping that night was difficult. My night shift nurse happened to be my roommate’s cousin! So crazy. In the morning, I was finally able to have most of the tubes and lines removed from my body. I had 2 lines that entered at my neck, which went down directly to the heart. I had a catheter and several other IV lines. It was quite liberating to have them removed. Today is day 2 (Wednesday), and I hoping to get my chest tube removed. There is a tube that enters at the bottom of my incision that drains a yellowish fluid that gathers in my chest cavity. This tube causes a good deal of discomfort. I’m looking forward to getting it removed.
I’ve also been walking around the ward, and doing breathing exercises with a special breathing tube game thing. During surgery, the lungs collapse, so breathing is very shallow until you work it up to normal levels.
Ok, so thanks for all of your support! Your thoughts, words, and prayers definitely helped motivate me though this process. See y’all soon.

9 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. leanne

    I can’t believe that your lungs collapse when you have the surgery– looks like you’re recovering well! My thoughts are with you!

  2. climbhangar18

    WOOOOO HOOOOOO! Man, I’m so stoked for you, dude! Saw a picture on Facebook of you walking down hospital halls post-surgery. Congrats, buddy. Can’t wait to hear more about how you’re doing & looking forward to your recovery so we can finally go on those canyon trips. Much love!

  3. Debbie

    Sounds like your on your way to a great recovery. Keep on doing those lung excercises and you will be 100percent in no time.

  4. tracy

    Look’s like you’re doing great. I’m 2 wks post op Wed. Removing the chest tubes are the best thing. Those bad boys limit your breathing. I had 2 tubes removed on Fri and 2 on Sat. My surgery was diff than yours. Repaired bicuspid valve and a dacron sleeve aorta. Walking is freaky afterwards, I walked 2 days and it was like wow I just had OHS and now I’m walking. Best wishes and I know you will have a smooth recovery.

  5. Lorrie Myren

    Hi Anthony….glad to hear you’re on the mend…many prayers from my home to yours have been sent.
    I had surgery on the 26th and my surgeon was able to repair my valve while he grafted my anuerysm…got home on the 29th.
    Amazing what can be done these days isn’t it?
    I saw your grip strength workout…atta way to stay focused on the future.
    I’ll continue to follow your progress……keep using your incentive spirometer…makes such a difference!!

  6. chris

    Hey Anthony. Fellow Jersey boy (grew up in Glen Rock, Bergen County) before moving out west to Boise, ID and eventually settling in Bellingham, WA. At 44 y.o., I’m an active/athletic, married, father of two with a ABV and in the waiting room. I came across your profile while trolling the Valve Replacement.Org message boards and found my way to your blog. (I’m always interested in learning about the experiences of younger, active folks faced with our issues and related concerns.) Anyhow, I know your in the midst of your recovery, and I wish you all the best. Would love to find out, sometime, the process you went through in deciding on mechanical vs. tissue valve. Although I may be years away from surgery (or not) I’m pretty confident I only want to go through it once if at all possible. For that reason, I expect I’ll go with a mechanical valve when the time comes. Speedy recovery to you!!



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