Defective heart girl solutions

So, this girl’s blog is what originally inspired me to blog about my heart valve replacement. She go hers done 1.5 years ago. Like me, she slowed down her blogging after her surgery, but she just wrote a post on how she is doing. Her blog is inspirational and helpful for any valver.

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via Defective heart girl solutions.

2 thoughts on “Defective heart girl solutions

  1. Lorrie Myren

    Hi Anthony, glad to see that you’re so busy getting back to your life and training that you don’t have time to blog. Hope your training is going well…..its great to feel like ourselves again isn’t it?
    I go back to work next week, my cardiologist kept me out for an additional month due to the risk of dehiscence (breakage) of my sternum from transferring patients …..they weigh quite a bit. Hope your running is coming along, I think you mentioned a 1/2 marathon? I’m hitting a wall at 7 miles, but working on it.
    Hope all is well, and if you don’t reply, i know it’s because you’re busy with living, loving, and training.
    All the Best,


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