Only a Minor Setback

I was going to title this post, WHAT A GODAMN MOTHER F@CKING HUGE SETBACK,  but then my my mother happened to lean over to me and say, “dear, this is just a minor setback. You’ll be okay.” I knew she was probably right. So here is how it all went down: Last week I was feeling shortness of breath, and after worrying about it, and 2 ER trips, and finally meeting with my primary cardiologist and an echocardiogram, it was determined that… wait for it… my mechanical valve was starting to detach from the heart. dang. And i thought i was all strong and good to go. This is usually caused by an infection, but i was not showing any signs of infection. So I was to have emergency surgery the next day (Saturday). No time to mentally prepare. no Blogging. Just go and do it so you don’t die. They wheeled me in Saturday morning. The next thing I can remember is Monday. The time in between is a haze of drugs. Apparently I was a mad man on anesthetics and narcotics, fighting doctors and nurses as they tried to take out my breathing tube. NOT as smooth as the first surgery. Monday sucked as I was uncomfortable in the cardiac ward I was at. Overnight was bad too. I woke up in the middle of the night trying to escape and my Nurse Phil had to remind me where i was. I had no clue. Today was better. Today we moved to the ICSU (intermediate cardiac surgery unit), which is much more comfy. My current nurse Yu-Ni is the best nurse Ive ever seen. So here I am. Square one. The rehab phase begins again. It is a bummer, but it’s gotta be done. Wish me luck, ok?

ready. again.

ready. again.

Another long road.

Another long road.

13 thoughts on “Only a Minor Setback

  1. aliciavicki

    Reblogged this on aliciavicki and commented:
    Sometimes Open Heart doesn’t go to plan, there are complications or setbacks during surgery. Sometimes Open Heart Surgery runs perfectly, followed by a full, faultless three month recovery… Only for the setback to hit you then.

    Anyone who goes through the experience of OHS has this at the back of their minds… I can only imagine what it’s like to experience it.

    This is my blog buddy Anthony, he had an aortic valve replacement two days before I had my PVR… And then went through the entire ordeal again this Saturday.

    God speed Ant! Stay strong, thinking of you!

  2. kevinlnaber

    Good luck on a speedy recovery round 2, Anthony! I went through an aortic valve replacement on January 20th, with 2 days notice, so not much time to prepare. You and Alicia have been great role models and a tribute to how OHS patients can return to active lifestyles. I hope to one day return to climbing and cycling, right now I’ve just started my 3rd week of cardiac rehab. Good luck and I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  3. Mary Hernandez

    Tony — Too bad! Your Aunt Anne Marie is keeping us posted. We’re all praying. Keep listening to your mother. With great concern, Mary Lynch Hernandez (I grew up at 63 E. Union St.)

  4. chris

    One day I too will have AVR. I can only hope to approach it with your strength and positive attitude. Stay strong. Everyday is a good day from hear on out!
    -Chris in Bellingham, WA

  5. Raj Patel

    I’m really sorry to read about this Anthony. I came across you blog about a month ago when I was waiting for my own AVR surgery. I didn’t have much time to prepare – I went from diagnosis to surgery within a week – but your blog was one of the things the helped me believe the operation wasn’t going to be the the ‘end of the world’. It might sound dramatic, but your blog gave me some much needed optimism. I really hope you’re feeling better soon and look forward to reading about how your doing.

    All the best…


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