Coming Soon: AHA Heart Valve Ambassadors!


The American Heart Association (AHA) contacted me months ago about a new patient advocate program that they are calling The AHA Heart Valve Ambassador program, and they invited me to become an ambassador!

This blog has brought me so many unexpected things: opportunities like this new AHA program, new knowledge, confidence in my recovered self, and most importantly, MANY new fellow heart valve patient friends.

Before making this blog, I had no idea that it would be useful to that many people. I still receive emails each week from people who need valve surgery, and are scared. It brings many emotions when they tell me that my blog has brought them strength. That is exactly what the new AHA Heart Valve Ambassador Program will bring, to more people. The ambassadors will reach out to new patients to coach and advise, both in person and through the internet.

More to come on this! Next week, I will be traveling to Dallas, TX to attend the Valve ambassador summit, where we will learn exactly what our roles will be as ambassadors. I am mostly excited to meet the other heart valve ambassadors!

In the meantime, check out the American Heart Asoociation’s heart valve webpage:

And if you heave congenital or acquired heart disease, become part of the AHA’s support network:

Stay tuned valvers!

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: AHA Heart Valve Ambassadors!

  1. Dr Bill Sukala

    Hi Anthony,
    I just came across your blog today. Congratulations on your new appointment as a heart valve ambassador. I worked in cardiac rehab for many years (now in private consult), but I cannot begin to tell you how important it was for us to have ambassadors like yourself that took the time to meet with people before and after their surgeries to answer their questions and reassure them they’d be ok. Open heart surgery of any variety is scary stuff and there can be a tremendous amount of anxiety, but speaking to others who’ve been through it all was very empowering. I have authored a number of articles on the different cardiac surgeries including one on heart valve surgery. Feel free to share it with your readers if you think it will be helpful: Please note: this is not a spam post nor am I selling ab gadgets on my site! I spend a lot of time debunking that garbage! Best wishes to you in your new role as a valve ambassador! Kind regards, Bill


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