Camp Del Corazon

I would like to show you something that is one of the most important things in my life.

Camp del Corazon – “On the Island” from D. Russell on Vimeo.

Camp Del Corazon is a summer camp for children with congenital heart disease (CHD) on Catalina Island. Every year for the past 21 years, kids with heart disease have been attending this summer camp. The counselors at camp spend come from all walks of life: Doctors, nurses, medics, teachers, waiters, actors, musicians, you name it. Many counselors, like me, also suffer from congenital heart disease, some of which attended camp as campers and are now all grown up.

Camp is fully funded by donations and fundraising campaigns. EVERY CHILD that attends camp, goes for FREE, thanks to generous donations. At CDC, campers learn that they are strong, and capable of doing anything. They become confident despite their condition, and discover courage and friendship.

Please consider donating to Camp Del Corazon HERE.

This was my second year volunteering for Camp Del Corazon. Last year, I volunteered as a counselor only 5 months after my 2nd open heart surgery. Camp gave me a sense of belonging, just as it does for the children. I immediately became part of something bigger; a family of people who care. At camp, there are only good people. It is impossible to fully articulate how amazing and important Camp Del Corazon is, for so many children with CHDs.

If there is a place in your heart for a person who grew up with Congenital Heart Disease… If you suffer from heart disease… If you know someone who has a child with CHD… Please watch the short video below to peer inside camp and discover how truly important it is. Then, please consider donating to Camp Del Corazon HERE.


Super silly at the rockwall


yes, me in a Giraffe costume, walking the highline.


The view from camp

4 thoughts on “Camp Del Corazon

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  2. spbuckley

    Hello. I am quickly coming to be a successful statistic, here’s hoping!! In heart failure now, 26 years of chronic atrial fibrillation. Finally got insurance in January, and I was going for a work up to have a radial ablation for the a-fib. But wait….Now I have severe regurgitation of the mitral valve and moderate to severe aortic valve regurgitation. There’s a intra arterial aneurysm, left ventricle severely enlarged… I’m 60, a retired oncology RN, have 3 grown sons, and I’m terrified. Surgery will be April 21st, doc said around 4 hours. I will have a biologic valve for the larger aortic valve replacement, (no Coumadin and INRs) and a ring sewn into place with reshaping of the mitral valve. Then a “maze” procedure to re-direct some of the electrical activity, and stop the chronic a-fib. Once. Again. Terrified. Cannot think of anything but this. I know you understand.


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