Wall Steet Journal Article on OHS Recovery

The Wall Street Journal found out about me and my blog through the American Heart Association Heart Valve ambassador program and Support Network. They wanted to include bits about my story in their article on cardiac surgery recovery. The article discusses depression, returning to sports, and other aspects of recovery.


back in the climbing gym

6 thoughts on “Wall Steet Journal Article on OHS Recovery

  1. illuminatedliteration

    Hi Anthony, I found your blog after my NB son was diagnosed almost a year ago. No surgery so far for him, just monitoring. I just wanted to say that your blog helped me a lot and I appreciate you documenting your experiences in a public place.I read the article, they picked a great person to interview. You are looking great, and that encourages me for if my son has to go through surgery.

  2. Megan Fisher

    Hi Anthony, I read the WSJ article, which led me to your site. Inspiring story, and I applaud your vigor for life. Cheers from Denver. Megan

  3. Dana Diemer

    Hi Anthony, stumbled across your blog by accident last night. My 26 year-old son’s journey is remarkably like yours except that his involves a bicuspid aortic valve, a misdiagnosed case of endocarditis to mechanical valves (aortic and mitral) a pacemaker and as collateral damage amputation of his lower right leg. He also had to have a second open heart to replace a dehisced aortic valve only his occurred 48 hours after the original surgery. I am hoping I can get him to contact you or at least read your blog so that he knows that there are other guys out there like him. He is an accomplished equestrian , went back to riding the day he was let out of rehab and is back in school to complete his degree. He still struggles, 18 months post op, with depression from time to time. Thanks for sharing your story, I look forward to hearing more!

  4. Nikita

    Hi Anthony,
    Congrats on the recovery and wish you great health. My brother (35) was diagnosed of aortic regurgitation and endocarditis last September. He went through an open heart surgery for valve repair and everything was fine until this May when he was diagnosed of pleural effusion and aortic valve leakage. We got echo and tee done and found that endocarditis is back as he has some vegetation 😦
    My brother will have to go through a second surgery to replace the valve but not until we determine the cause of endocarditis… We are still waiting on the blood culture to show the cause. Since you had similar challenge where blood culture came negative, could you share the antibiotics that were given to you ?

    Thanks a ton, best wishes for your healthy life..


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