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Camp Del Corazon (3rd Summer)

This was my 3rd summer in a row volunteering at Camp Del Corazon, AKA the (REAL) Happiest Place on Earth! Since camp has just ended, that means we must begin to raise money for next year! Please click the link below to donate. If you need any convincing (and would like to see a cameo by yours truly), please watch the promo video below. I know, it pulls on your heartstrings a bit.


From the Camp Website: Camp del Corazon is an organization that provides a medically supervised, residential summer camp for children ages 7-17 who are living with heart disease, as well as additional programs for these children and their families.Located on Catalina Island, 22 miles off the California coastline, our camp has served approximately 300 children each year since 1995. Having begun with a volunteer staff of two, 49 campers and a minimal budget, our growth and success stands as a testament to our steady commitment to the population we serve.


Since I cannot show images of campers, I really only have two images to share from camp. I do believe that these images show a sliver of what it is like being a counselor at Camp del Corazon. Thanks for donating! ❤ Anthony a.k.a. GOAT