I’m being discharged! The events of today went as follows:

1. Blood work, including INR test. Result: 2.4

2. Cardiologist came in and discussed Coumadin and issues involving it. 

3. My primary cardiologist performed an echocardiogram, discovered that the clot is much smaller than Friday, and discharged me. He felt that even though I’m having trouble getting my INR up to 3.0, that I’m on the right track and I can finish getting to my new range at home. My new INR range is 3.0-3.5

Going home!

4 thoughts on “Discharged 

  1. Robert

    Just been catching up on your October updates. Oh my.

    Very glad things have evened out. And fantastic to hear you’ve been discharged.
    I blow good health thoughts your way.
    Warmest from London

  2. Rob

    Anthony – Thanks for sharing your story. It’s very emotional for me to read your story. Back in June I had your first surgery — AVR with On-X valve and aortoplasty for repair of aortic root aneurysm. My procedure was done through a right mini-thoracotomy. I was back to work at four weeks and walking a few miles. It took about eight weeks to feel completely back to normal. Back at the gym at three months, but less intensity than you. I’m 52 and fairly active. My docs were surprised that I could go 16 minutes on the stress test.
    The anxiety I have now is about possible complications — so your story is quite scary to me. I know things can go wrong quickly, and you have to know what to look out for. Two years ago I got endocarditis following a teeth cleaning. I wish someone had told me, “hey, if you have a heart murmur and get a fever within a few weeks of going to the dentist, you need to have blood cultures right away.” I thought I had the flu, but the fever didn’t go away. Good thing I kept going back to the doctor. I walked around with sub-acute endocarditis for a month. As I read your story, I’m paying close attention to the indications of a problem you experienced.
    I wish you the best in getting over this latest problem. You’ve been a fighter so far, and you’ll get through this.


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