Candy’s Heart Journey

Because of my blog, I have been lucky enough to connect and make friends with lots of valve surgery patients, many of whom are preparing for their valve surgery. Meet Candy, also a teacher, rock climber, cyclist, workout nut… also needed valve surgery. She wanted to stay in shape before her surgery, and documented one of her workouts, less than a week prior to open heart surgery. I’m sure there will be recovery workout videos once you get moving again. For now, like most people recovering from heart surgery, Candy is walking and gently riding the stationary bike. Thanks for the inspiration Candy!

3 thoughts on “Candy’s Heart Journey

  1. mckiersey

    A year and a half on and I’m back doing proper push-ups. I probably could have got back to proper exercise a few months ago, but it is a slog getting there (and I was probably a bit lazy).

    Unknotting, unzipping and decompressing the crumpled chest muscles was one of the hardest parts for me. Hopefully Candy has an easier ride. Regardless, it’s a spectrum- one which she apparently is already heading fast towards the lighter shades of recovery. Sooner or later normality does return!


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