Update for 2018


Hi! It has been quite some time since I posted! No news is good news in the world of heart surgery recovery, right? Since my last post, some significant changes have occurred in my life! For those interested, some updates to my life:



  • I have had no significant scares, complications, ER visits, etc., since the little clot event from 2016.
    • Knock on wood.
  • I moved to San Francisco in August 2017 to be with my lovely partner, Melanie.
  • I love living in the city! It is my first time living in a big city and I’m finally acclimated.
  • I got a job teaching Biology & Green Energy at a continuation school in the bay area. I love it there!
  • I am still active, but I no longer rock climb. I hit the weight gym often and have recently been doing a bodybuilding program. I’m trying to look good for our Mexico summer vacay!
    • I’ve come to accept that the whole heart surgery thing has made me a bit vain about my body. My drive to remain physically fit has morphed into some body image issues, some good, some not so much.

I’m still all ears for those of you that may be needing valve replacement soon. Feel free to email me at anthonydilemme@gmail.com with any questions.



7 thoughts on “Update for 2018

  1. Susan Marshall

    Thanks for all your wise words… I’m just at the not quite urgent enough waiting stage for aortic valve replacement, severe but not critical, however I’m having constant chest pain and wonder if I should just insist on surgery soon? Do you think the animal valve is preferable to mechanical? I’m 66 years old active , female and getting quite anxious…

    1. Anthony DiLemme Post author

      I couldn’t recommend one type over another for you Susan. We are different people in different situations. Best bet is to talk it out with your cardiologist and your surgeon. The choice ultimately is up to you. I did my own research and I listened to the recommendation by my doctors, which was mechanical. Your recommendation might be different, based on age and other factors. please feel free to email if you need to chat in more detail. anthonydilemme@gmail.com

      1. Susan Marshall

        You are absolutely right… thanks so much for answering, I will make an appointment today and talk it out with my cardiologist.. you sound like you are doing amazing with a great attitude, thanks for trying to help others . Good luck to you… I may be back here in a few months!!!

  2. Angela

    Hello Anthony,
    I have been looking for some sort of support system for my father who was recently diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm. It’s not big enough for surgery quite yet, however my dad has been worried and stressed over it. He feels as if he’s a walking time bomb. I first learned of AHA a few days ago and posted on various forums there, with no responses as of today. Is your situation similar to his?

    1. Anthony DiLemme Post author

      Hi Angela,
      My situation was similar to his about 6-7 years ago. My operations were in 2013/2014. Maybe check out the Facebook page: heart valve surgery support group. There are lots of people at various stages in their journeys. If you have any specific questions feel free to email me at anthonydilemme@gmail.com

  3. Arnaldo G

    Hi there,
    Thank you for creating this site, and thank you for the updates. Glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying SF.
    I learned of my own BAV last year (at age 39), and while i’m in reasonably good health now, your website has been tremendously informative and helpful as I navigate through the world of heart disease


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