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  1. Mom

    I have never been more proud of you than now. How you are facing this is a huge inspiration. We know it will be hard..especially to keep you down long enough to recover..but we will all do this together. Your father and I will be there every step of the way..until you tell us to go home!!!

      1. Mary Lou Eber

        I wish you a quick recovery and best wishes on your new job adventure! They students you leave behind will miss you but be happy for you to encounter new students at new school. God bless you always and may you prosper quickly in the recovery department. GODSPEED!

  2. Valerie Withers

    Anthony, Thank you for sharing and being so open about this with us all. I know it’s been years since high school, but I want you to know that I still love you, my friend! I wish you all the best and I will be following to see pics of that scar and watching it heal! Cheers!

  3. aliciavicki

    Hi Anthony, I’m Alicia – and I’m having my Pulmonary Valve Replacement surgery on November 27th! I’m sure I will enjoy reading your blog, I’ll only be 2 days behind you!

  4. Adrienne

    Been thinking about you a lot lately and woke up to see your sleep blog. I love reading your blog and being a part of this healing process. I am so proud of your strength and dedication, not only to your health but to life!. You inspire me Anthony! Love you ❤

  5. Cyndi Snapp

    Hello. I have stumbled upon your blog while searching for information on Bicuspid Aortic Valve disorder. I was diagnosed last May. I had a follow up this past May as well as a repeat catscan in September. My heart has shown some more enlargement from May to September. My cardiologist doesn’t seem too concerned. He didn’t want to see me again until May 2014. I have recently began Zumba and walking/running daily and was wondering if the exercise has contributed to the enlargement. I am excited to find your blog. My cardiologist says surgery is in my near future (within 5 years or so). I am nervous and worry about the “what ifs”, especially while exercising. Thank you for writing about your experiences. Thoughts and prayers for your upcoming surgery.

    1. Anthony DiLemme Post author

      Don’t stop exercising! Stay strong! I wanna try Zumba when I recover! It is unlikely that zumba contributed to the acceleration of BAV symptoms, and even if it did, so what, it’ll happen eventually anyway. When it is time, you get it fixed, then you continue kicking butt at zumba! Thanks for your thoughts Cyndi!

      1. Cyndi Snapp

        Zumba rocks by the way. I have 6 kids and 19 at school (proud 4th grade teacher). I had 4 of my babies in 5 years. That makes ones body go to pot. Haha. I found out in May when I started exercising that it helps me feel empowered. I can channel all my stress into my workouts. Stress of school junk, health junk, and all around blahs that life can throw at us. Working out gives my soul time to breathe. Thanks so much for your reply.

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  7. Shana

    What a great blog! I stumbled upon it through my CT surgeon’s twitter (Larry Creswell, athlete’s heart). I’m a former college soccer player (UC Davis), an avid cyclist, and multiple open heart and chest surgeries (Congenital heart defects) survivor. I didn’t know I had a heart defect until I was 23 and cycling competitively, and like you I’m extremely active. I tried to send a message on FB but it wouldn’t work (All my similar post-op pics are on my FB- including one on the trainer just like you took!) This is just a rad blog and I love seeing someone else expressing openly their thoughts and feelings about what recovery is “truly” like. It is very refreshing and I can relate so much to what you post- even the Redlands pics because my former roommate at UCD was a domestic pro cyclist and competes at Redlands every year. Best of luck in your recovery! -Shana (Fresno, CA)

  8. Gretchen McKee

    Thank you for this ray of hope. We found out on May 17, 2016 that my 10 year old daughter Gwen needs to have her 4th open heart surgery to replace her mitral valve. She is having her surgery July 20, 2016, and this week has been filled with fear and anxiety about the unknown. She knows the recovery due to repair, but replacement is a completely different ball of wax. She is extremely active and wants to desperately cling to her new found sport of lacrosse and just being a kid. I will show her this blog as proof of active life after she gets her new mechanical valve. I think she’ll get the St. Jude valve.

    Thank you!
    Gretchen McKee
    Frisco, TX


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