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You are 6 years old and a heart patient. You need heart surgery soon, or else you will die…

…You live in a major city in a country that is in the middle of a civil war. You live in Aleppo, Syria. There has been a battle waged in your city since 2012. Maybe you evacuated and now you are a refugee. Maybe you remained in the city alongside hundreds of thousands of other civilians. If you don’t get killed from the bombings (which is very likely), you may die because medical facilities are rare and you need surgery. Hospitals have been destroyed (bombed directly) by the fighting. Over 31,000 people have been killed in this battle.

In this study, researchers at a Jordanian hospital collect data and analyze the prevalence of heart disease in Syrian refugee children. The study found that mortality was at 14%. 

“Of 73 surgical procedures recommended, only 28 were funded and performed; others have been waiting for a median of 223 days (35-534 days). Funding for procedures came from multiple sources; including the United Nations, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, and individual donations.”

Did you just read that?! EVEN WHEN these children with heart disease flee their war torn country, most are unable to receive life saving medical treatment DUE TO LACK OF FUNDING.



The Boy in the Ambulance

The Syrian people arguably need the most assistance from the rest of the world. During this holiday season, please think about that. Please consider helping these people. I often donate to heart related causes, but right now there are people who desperately need medical assistance. There are a few medical groups on the ground in Aleppo right now. Please consider donating. I donated to the Syrian American Medical Society.

If you are unaware of this crisis, please do your research.

Please read this article on how you can help: 



Time article: The Boy in the Ambulance