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Required Reading


My required reading.

I’ve entered an awkward time. As an 8th grade science teacher, a new school year is typically an exciting time, filled with new ideas and expectations. Luckily, despite the fact that my thoughts are occupied by heart surgery, I still have that same excitement. Still, I sometimes fear that I’m not focusing on preparing for work as I should be. That fear, just like many of my fears of heart surgery, are fueled by the unknown and anxiety. My amazing girlfriend came with me to school to help me set up and decorate my classroom. My incredible mother bought me a Juicer because she knows I want to eat healthy. I have a strong support network, and I will be ready. Tomorrow is the first day of school. My approach this year: To have so much fun. This year is a wonderful opportunity for me as a teacher. We will be implementing the new standards, which means more labs, hands on activities, and technology. In order for me to balance recovery and work, I must embrace the chaos of both, relax, and have fun with it. I plan to come out on the other side a better teacher, friend, climber, cyclist, yogi, person.