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Me! I’m just a guy who went through a few heart valve surgeries, but please feel free to email me at and ask any questions!

The American Heart Asoociation has a new Support Network on their website. Register here and join a conversation about valve disease, surgery, and recovery:

A very valuable website for me is this one, which has allowed me to connect with others who have already gone through the process. These people are incredible supportive, compassionate, and knowledgable!

2007 Revision of AHA Guidelines for Prevention of Infective Endocarditis

Another great online support group Facebook group called Heart Valve Surgery Support Group. The following link may work. Otherwise simply search for the group name.     

Adam Pick’s blog, website, and his book.                                                                         

The Athlete’s Heart Blog by Heart Surgeon Dr. Lawrence Creswell                                                                                   Particularly This Post.

Ascending Aortic Dilatation Associated With Bicuspid Aortic Valve (Article in Circulation)

Valley Hospital: Calculate Your Relative Aortic Size

On-X Mechanical Valve Clinical Studies                                 

Ironheart Foundation (Post Heart Surgery Racing):

Digifit Heart Monitor System                                                             

Summer Camp for kids with Congenital and acquired Heart Disease

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