I don’t update this page. The workouts all pretty much work the same. I still use the Digifit app with my heart rate monitor. Check it out.

July 2013

7/20 Cycling

7/22 Cycling

7/25 Cycling     7/25 Lead Climbing      7/25 Bouldering

7/27 sit/push/pull-ups

7/29 Bouldering

8/1 Cycling

8/1 Bouldering: this is what it looks like when I boulder hard. I should not do this.

8/5 Bouldering

8/7 Cycling (sunset)

8/9 Bouldering & Top Roping

8/11 Cycling (Barton rd)

2 thoughts on “Workouts

  1. Larry Wagner


    I did not have valve surgery, but emergency triple bypass, with a dozen each of downstream aneurysms and inoperable blockages. blockages of all three primaries near their origins, RCA 99%, LAD 99% and Circumflex 80%. given 3 years to die afterwards

  2. Larry Wagner

    WebMD did an article about my amazing recovery back in 2012. It is now 11 years since the 2006 surgery, and I scull, play aggressive volleyball, and have a max heart rate well past 170. I know a lot about recovery.


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